As anyone who has ever tried the game knows, golf is really hard. Many people play their whole lives and only perform at a mediocre level. Here at X-Golf Leawood, we know that each golfer has untapped potential that just needs some guidance and training to achieve. Our state of the art technology and teaching professionals combine to breakdown every aspect of each swing. The result is better form, better swings, and lower scores.

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Individual Lessons:  1 Hr.

1 – Lesson:  $140

5 – Lessons:  $450

10 – Lessons:  $800

Outdoor Playing Lesson:  Sycamore Ridge

1 – Round:  $300

3 – Rounds:  $800


5 - Indoor Lessons + 1 - Outdoor Round:  $700

Group Lessons:  4-Person Max

5 – Group Lessons:  $700

Jacob White, Head Teaching Professional


Spending 10 years coaching in the NCAA, Jacob began his teaching career with Sycamore Ridge and most recently Shadow Glen Golf Club.  With a passion for helping others maximize their golf ability, Jacob also enjoys building personal relationships with his clients.  “I look forward to the opportunity to earn my clients respect, not just in golf but sincerely on a personal level so we can reach their full potential.”  You will find Jacob spending time with his wife Janae and their baby girl Palmer Leighton.  



Lesson Rates

Call Jacob White for any questions regarding X-Golf Leawood's lesson packages

(913) 325-6106



  • Shot Information
    • Carry Distance, Club Speed, Ball Speed, Club Trajectory, Ball Trajectory, Side-Spin, Backspin, Launch Angle, Impact Point, and More
  • Video Analysis
    • Slow-Motion, Step Motion, Side-by-Side Comparison with Other Players
  • Data Analysis
    • With X-Golf, Your Data Can be Saved for Future Reference and Ongoing Training.

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X-Golf has developed a Golf lesson teaching system that combines expert advice, sophisticated swing analysis and a welcoming environment that is redefining the way you learn the game of golf!

Our lessons are suitable for all levels of golfers and our trained professionals can assist with all aspects of your game. We provide a relaxed atmosphere ensuring value for your money, technical advice that can be saved and reviewed, and most of all, improvements to your overall game! Contact us today to begin your journey to birdies!