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Traditionally, golf has been viewed as one of the most outdoor games and activities that one can play. With various clubs that can hit upwards of 300+ yards, it used to be unfathomable to imagine golf being played indoors. At X-Golf Leawood, we are changing that stigma by providing a fully functioning indoor golf simulator and facility. Equipped with simulator bays, lessons, food & beverage options, and even free WIFI, all of the elements you love about golf can be found under one roof. The result is more practice, more outings, and continued fun all year long.


  • X-Golf Leawood Indoor Facilities
  • 7 State Of The Art Golf Simulators
  • Space For Up To 50 Guests
  • Food & Beverage Packages
  • Full Liquor Selection
  • Golf Lessons
  • Full Sports Package
  • On-Site Parking
  • Free WIFI
  • Gift Cards
  • Corporate Events/Private Lessons
  • Lounge And Bar
  • Craft Beer
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As Close As You Can Get To Traditional Golf

X-Golf Leawood brings the great outdoor game of golf to an indoor facility with seven simulator bays equipped with state of the art technology. These simulator bays are able to track various aspects of the swing, ball, and flight path to provide an accurate reading on the screen as to where your shot would go on the real course. Simply push a button and the ball will pop out and rise on an adjustable tee for drive shots, or move the ball off the tee to practice iron shots and chipping.

Room To Stretch Out

Forget the restrictions of the foursome rule that has been a part of golf throughout history. Our indoor facility can hold up to 100 guests, and you can play a round of golf with up to 5 other friends to get the whole party involved!

Don't Forget To Refuel

All of the delicious treats that could be found in the clubhouse are presently available at X-Golf! We have a full food and drink menu, enabling you to power up for the next 9 holes.

Like The 19th Hole, But Better!

One of the best parts of golf is enjoying a nice, cold alcoholic beverage. This can typically only be done if the beverage cart comes around (about twice every 18 hole outing), or when the round is over and you are back at the clubhouse. With the bar in sight of all seven simulator bays, you are sure to receive any beverage from our full liquor selection at any point during your visit!

Continually Progressing

X-Golf also hosts lessons taught by PGA certified instructors. Utilizing the technology of the simulator bays, along with their expertise and knowledge, your swing will become as pretty as ever, and you will feel a difference in your overall game. From shot form to ball control, we know it all!

Entertainment Multiplied

Our indoor facility also hosts several large screen TVs that are equipped with all of your favorite sports channels and subscriptions. While you take a break from the bay and enjoy a relaxing meal or beverage, you are sure to still be entertained!

Easy Access For All

While traditional golf courses have parking that is far from any of the action you seek, X-Golf Leawood has on-site parking that is accessible to all guests. Carrying your clubs to hole 1 has never been so easy!

Stay Connected

For those who might not be as excited as you are to experience thrilling indoor golf simulation, we also have free WIFI for all guests. The kids can still be entertained, even when disconnected!

Spread The Joy

X-Golf Leawood also sells gift cards in store and online so that you can share the love of golf with a friend or family member. We've been told that it's a great stocking-stuffer!

A Night To Remember

X-Golf Leawood is able to cater corporate events and private parties. Simply book an event ahead of time, and watch as your coworkers, partygoers, and spectators have a thrilling time in our facility!

Kick Back In Comfort

Not only do we provide a full menu of excellent food and drinks, but we also provide a great space to do it! X-Golf Leawood has a full bar and lounge area so that you can take a break in style.

Options, Options, Options

X-Golf Leawood is proud to be a distributor of not only domestic and international beers, but also the craft beers from our favorite local and nationwide distributors! Enjoy your favorite cold brew here.


X-Golf Leawood is the go-to choice for an alternative play to traditional golf. While we don't have hundreds of acres backing us up, we do have technology, staff, and amenities that are sure to bring you back time and time again. Book your next indoor outing with us today, and we hope to see you soon! Contact our friendly staff with any questions or concerns you may have.

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7 State Of The Art Golf Simulators


Space For Up To 100 Guests


Food & Beverage Packages


Full Liquor Selection


Golf Lessons


Full Sports Package


On-site Parking




Gift Cards


Corporate Events/Private Parties


Lounge and Bar


Craft Beer